A Lesson in Brand Trust

My grandpappy once told me, “If you’re selling something for more than $7 dollars, then you’re going to need to make sure that your customers know, like, and trust you.”

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“Why No One Buys What You’re Selling”

Brand marketing isn’t always about budgets. It isn’t always about flash or pomp. It isn’t always about contemporary or crass humor. It is, however, always about the customers. And unless you can connect with paying customers, it won’t matter if you’re peddling products on a shelf or selling services from your website- the business will fail or remain mediocre at best.

My grandpappy once told me, “If you’re selling something for more than $7 dollars, then you’re going to need to make sure that your customers know, like, and trust you.” That’s why no one buys from you. Traditional American values are still in place and are still at the heart of our culture’s consumerism. The flashiest, shiniest, squeakiest wheel doesn’t get the oil. The honest, likeable, and trustworthy wheel gets the oil. Behind the humor and flash of major brand television commercials, there exists the underlying goal of trust.

Simple enough, sure. What now?


Be sure that your website has a strong “About Us” section. Potential clients will be “WOWed” only so much by slick graphics and snazzy buttons. They want to know the person from whom they are buying and/or the person they’re going to hire.

Make sure that your website and your online content reflects who you are- the PERSON that you are, not just how intelligent you are. The terms “style” and “voice” get thrown around a lot in the digital marketing world, but they truly are important. When you create your content or when you hire a marketing agency or a copywriter, be sure that your personality comes through whatever they write or create for you.


You’ve already gotten your potential clients to know you through voice and information. But do they LIKE you? This part really isn’t about you. It’s about your target audience, and this is what many marketing firms don’t understand. Most firms are so caught up in being progressive and artistic that they fail to remember that people are creatures of habit and they crave familiarity.

Make sure that you know what your target audience wants/needs/likes. Then it’s up to you to fulfill that their desires. Get out there on social media. It’s scary, sure, but it also the way the world is going. Connecting with your potential clients on social media will do more than put your name “out there”- it will allow those clients to see another side of you and your company.


This is the final step; this is your big boy. If you can plant the seeds of trust in the hearts of your potential clients, you will no doubt reap the benefits. It’s also the most difficult.

Honesty is the best policy. No matter if you’re a B2B or B2C company, American consumers are finished with slick salesmen who can spin a good yarn. We as a society have become adept at siphoning away the meaningless and getting down to the heart of things. Be as transparent and real as you can be.

So get out there and get to it. Make sure that your customers know who you are, who you really are. Be sure to understand what they like and what they need, so that you can fill that desire or want. Above all, be the brand that they can connect with and trust. Then sit back and watch those sales numbers soar.

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