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Putting People before Profit

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At Team Lionheart, we put our abilities and resources toward fighting the good fight — and we win.

Because we’ve been given the talents to sway the marketing scene, we want to use those gifts to help make the world a better place. A cheesy, beauty pageant line, sure, but wait …

This is how we put people before profit:

If you’re a non-profit group, a faith-based organization, or an agent dedicated to positive social change — and you’re unable to afford quality marketing services to advance your mission — Lionheart Digital Studios is ready to help. Simply have one of your decision-makers get in touch with us on the phone or through email. We’ll listen to your needs, consider your challenges, and create a marketing communications strategy to help you continue to aid those in need.

In many cases, we’ll put our resources to work for you at a significantly reduced fee structure — or even free if the situation warrants. And if we provide free services for your group, all that we ask in return is a referral (or two) to your inner circle of colleagues and business contacts for potential projects in the future.

So, if you’re meeting the needs of hurting people, we want in.

You’re already making a difference. We want to help.