Lionheart – [lahy-uh n-hart]

Noun: a person of exceptional courage and bravery.

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So, who is Lionheart?

We are just what your business needs.

Forward? Yes. Slightly over-confident? Probably. But the “good ones” always are. We are dedicated. We’re not afraid to take risks and to push a few boundaries. Matter of fact, we’re like the Starship Enterprise — we boldly go where no man has gone before (and yes, we are kinda nerdy).

Are you ready? Let’s get personal.

Our Story

An ordinary story about extraordinary guys. A story of how four experts in their respective fields, came together to unite into one of the sickest, baddest, illest, gnarliest marketing teams ever.

Our Mission

Quite simply: your mission is our mission. We’re not happy until we’ve met and exceed all of your goals. Learn how we leverage our skills and knowledge to meet your organization’s needs.

Meet the Team

By now, you’ve seen our quirks and quips, and you’re still here. We want to be up front with you: we’re fun to work with. We’ve realized that we can be professional without being stuffy and stodgy.

Giving Back

We’re an company that’s dedicated to putting people before profits. So, if you’re a church, para-church, or non-profit organization who meets the needs of hurting people, we’d like to partner with you.

A Lesson in Brand Trust

Brand marketing isn’t always about budgets. It isn’t always about flash or pomp. It isn’t always about contemporary or crass humor. It is, however, always about the customers. And unless you can connect with paying customers, it won’t matter if you’re peddling products on a shelf or selling services from your website- the business will fail or remain mediocre at best.